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With Expert Coaches, Mock Tests and a 90%+ Acceptance Rate, RightTurnOverseas IELTS will have you speaking English like a Native in less than 4 weeks.

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Let's Hone Your Skills and Get You Speaking Like a Native

Expert Coaches

All the coaches at RightTurnOverseas have an experience of teaching English for over 4+ Years at the very least.

Quick Course Duration

Our IELTS crash course lasts for less than 4 weeks and helps you prepare the smart way instead of the hard way.

Multiple Mock Tests

We ensure no slip-ups happen at the time of exam with at least 3 mock tests designed to test and improve your readiness.

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Crack IELTS in Under 4 Weeks with Insights from Expert Coaches

India’s Top IELTS Trainers

Learn from the top IELTS coaches in India. Get professional training to get your desired band score throughout your journey of preparing for IELTS online.

Best live learning experience

Take advantage of live classes for over 25+ hours and get lifetime access to class recordings.

Daily Doubt Solving Sessions

Throw in your questions and get your problems resolved through daily doubt resolution sessions.

Practice Tests

Get access to mock tests that mimic the pattern of the real IELTS exams and prepare the smart way.

Convenient and Flexible Timings

Choose IELTS online classes that align with your availability. Join the 26 day Masterclass to become proficient enough to crack IELTS in less than 4 weeks.

Personalised Guidance

We make sure every student gets individualised treatment and our instructors guide you through every step of the way.

Our Student's Testimonials

You don't have to struggle alone, you've got our assistance and help.


It’s a great pleasure to be assisted by Right Turn Overseas. My experience has been superb. They assisted me from the first day to the last. I was concerned about the documentation process but with Right Turn Overseas, my documents were ready within no time. I must say Right Turn Overseas is an Excellent study abroad consultant with great care in making every decision.


Right Turn Overseas has always been extremely supportive in all my endeavors regarding study abroad education. After enrollment, they give 20 mins orientation without even asking. All the staff members are very supportive and friendly, they made my study abroad journey very easy and smooth. Thank you Right Turn Overseas.


My experience at Right Turn Overseas is great. They have helped me starting from University selection, interview guidance, Education loan, Admission, and Visa process. The environment is very good and everyone is very helpful and cooperative throughout.


Right Turn Overseas played an important role in guiding me through every step of my study abroad journey. All staff members are very friendly and supportive. I have been guided step by step throughout the process. I will recommend Right Turn Overseas to all students who want to pursue their study abroad dreams.


I really had a good experience with Right Turn Overseas. The service has been very professional and excellent. They provided me the scholarship support which is much needed for any student who is aspiring to study abroad. I am glad that I preferred Right Turn Overseas.


It was a great experience to be assisted by Right Turn Overseas. My English was weak, but the crash course at Right Turn Overseas made me pro in English literally in no time. I am confident now that I can communicate in English without any hesitation in mind. I am thankful to Right Turn Overseas.

Got Questions ? Find answers here.

The IELTS is a standardized test designed to evaluate the English language proficiency of non-native speakers. It is widely accepted for academic, professional, and immigration purposes. The exam is available in two formats: Academic and General Training.

More than 10,000 organizations, including universities, employers, and government agencies, acknowledge and accept the IELTS examination.

The IELTS examination comprises four distinct modules: listening, reading, writing, and speaking. The listening, reading, and writing sections are completed in a single sitting, while the speaking section is conducted on a separate day.

Listening: The listening section has a total duration of 30 minutes and is divided into four parts. Test-takers are required to answer various types of 40 questions.

Reading: The reading section consists of three passages of general interest, primarily focusing on social issues or topics relevant to candidates pursuing postgraduate or undergraduate programs in foreign universities. The total time allotted for this section is 60 minutes, and it includes approximately 40 questions.

Writing: The writing section spans 60 minutes and comprises two tasks. Task 1 involves summarizing a graph, table, or process in approximately 50 words, while Task 2 requires writing a descriptive essay of 250 words.

Speaking: The speaking section varies in duration from 11 to 14 minutes and involves a face-to-face interview. Candidates are evaluated based on their communication skills and ability to express their ideas coherently in English.

The four sections of the IELTS exam are scored on a scale of 0 to 9. The entire test duration is 2 hours and 45 minutes. The results are reported on a 9-band scale, ranging from 1 (non-user) to 9 (expert user). In the listening and reading sections, the number of correct answers is converted to a raw score.

This raw score is then converted to a band score ranging from 1 to 9. The scoring criteria for the speaking and writing sections are subjective, as examiners evaluate students based on various linguistic sources. The test results remain valid for two years. Many foreign universities require an overall band score of 6.5 and a minimum score of 6 in each section.

In today’s world, having excellent communication skills is crucial, as English is the primary language in 55 countries. By demonstrating a strong command of the language, you can gain admission to top universities and pursue international career opportunities.

Here are some reasons why you should consider taking the IELTS exam:

  1. Test Options to Suit Your Goals

Depending on your objectives, you can choose between IELTS Academic or IELTS General Training. IELTS Academic is suitable for university applications (undergraduate or graduate programs) and employment in English-speaking countries. IELTS General Training is accepted for employment, international travel, and immigration to English-speaking nations.

  1. International Recognition

More than 9,000 organizations in over 135 countries accept IELTS as proof of English language proficiency for educational, immigration, and professional purposes.

  1. Enhances English Language Skills

Taking the IELTS test allows you to apply your English language knowledge in real-life situations with native English speakers. The speaking component, where you engage in a conversation with an evaluator, prepares you for real-world scenarios like interacting with international colleagues at school, clients at work, or during trips abroad.

  1. Accessibility and Availability

Unlike many other exams, IELTS is widely accessible in almost every country, making it convenient to take the test at a center of your choice.

  1. Immigration and Permanent Residency Opportunities

Government agencies use the IELTS exam as part of their application processes for granting citizenship or permanent residency. It presents a desirable opportunity for deserving and skilled individuals to settle in countries such as Canada, Germany, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

To maximize your chances of benefiting from the aforementioned advantages, it is crucial to prepare for the test in an organized manner. We have outlined key factors you need to consider while planning your preparation strategy.

Imagine a scenario where you have to commute daily to an IELTS coaching center for training classes. After returning home, you barely have time for self-study. Doesn’t this consume a significant amount of time?

Imagine having access to an online preparation program for IELTS from the comfort of your own home

Here are some exclusive advantages of enrolling in an IELTS Online Preparation program and how it can positively impact your IELTS score:

  1. Comprehensive Study Materials and Classes: By enrolling in an online IELTS program, you gain access to all the necessary study materials, classes, evaluation, and practice resources. It offers a one-stop solution that allows you to structure your training program according to your convenience. Online IELTS classes provide multiple time slots to choose from, accommodating your schedule.
  2. Self-Paced Learning: With online IELTS classes, you have the flexibility to study at your own pace. You can review videos and recorded classes multiple times until you fully grasp a particular topic. The online classes offer dynamic content with engaging images, animations, and movie clips, which aid in information retention for students.
  3. Convenience and Cost-Effectiveness: Participating in an IELTS online course eliminates the need to leave your house for offline programs, thereby saving on commuting costs and resources. You can learn comfortably from home with just a phone or laptop and an internet connection. Thus, IELTS online classes are both cost-effective and time-saving for test-takers.
  4. Continuous Guidance: With online IELTS courses, you receive 24/7 guidance from teachers. The dedicated tutors of the IELTS online course will consistently monitor and enhance your performance using unique techniques to help you achieve a high score in the IELTS examination.
  5. Mock Tests and Exam Readiness: Mock tests are a vital component of IELTS online classes. Taking mock tests provides you with a clear understanding of the exam format and helps you identify your strengths and weaknesses. The IELTS preparation course will ensure you are well-prepared for the actual exam.
  6. Personalised Learning: In group sessions, some students may struggle to gain a clear understanding. However, IELTS online classes offer one-on-one interactions with lecturers and provide IELTS practice tests, making the learning process more engaging and fruitful. The constructive criticism and doubt-clearing sessions in the IELTS preparation course will help you improve on a daily basis.

RightTurnOverseas’ IELTS Online Preparation Courses are designed to make your preparation effective and convenient. These IELTS online classes are crafted and taught by India’s top IELTS trainers through live online sessions, which include multiple mock tests, speaking and writing evaluations, and study materials with all the possible practice questions. Our goal is to make your IELTS online course simple, time-saving, and provide you with the best IELTS coaching experience.

The IELTS online preparation program offers you a certificate upon completion of the IELTS preparation course. Book your demo session today and achieve high scores with the best IELTS coaching by RightTurnOverseas’ experts.

In addition, you can follow the strategies below to enhance the effectiveness of your IELTS online preparation:

  1. Take IELTS practice tests: This will give you a clear understanding of the types of questions you will encounter on the exam and help identify areas for improvement. Our IELTS programs offer you multiple mock tests to assist you in achieving your desired score.
  2. Enhance your vocabulary with IELTS courses: IELTS tutors evaluate your ability to understand and use a wide range of English words and phrases, so having a strong vocabulary is essential.
  3. Develop a strong grasp of English grammar to score well in the writing and speaking sections. Our IELTS Speaking practice online programs can improve your grammar skills by providing training in grammar rules and offering feedback and evaluation from experienced IELTS trainers.
  4. Get accustomed to speaking with native English speakers, as the speaking section is conducted by certified IELTS examiners. Our IELTS programs provide you with speaking experts who will be your conversation partner throughout the course, helping you improve your communication skills.
  5. Engage in reading English-language books, newspapers, and watching English movies. Additionally, take advantage of any opportunity to communicate in English. By participating in our IELTS programs, you will have regular interactions with trainers and fellow students.
  6. Embrace enjoyable ways to practice and adopt a learning-by-play philosophy. The more you practice your English skills during IELTS online preparation, the better you will become.

RTO’s IELTS Online Courses consist of a series of free live IELTS online classes designed to help you achieve high scores in IELTS through effective online preparation. The courses cover all four sections of the IELTS exam and are taught by India’s leading IELTS educators.

IELTS online preparation requires dedication and hard work. By understanding the test format, taking practice tests, and receiving expert guidance in our IELTS online preparation program, you can increase your chances of scoring well in the IELTS exam.

Here are some exclusive benefits of our IELTS online preparation courses, IELTS Select and Elite, which will help you achieve a band score of your desire in IELTS:

  1. Lifetime access to recordings of IELTS online preparation classes.
  2. Live classes enhance communication between instructors and students.
  3. Become part of the IELTS aspirants community across India.
  4. Access to study materials, online IELTS mock tests, and practice questions to ensure a band score of your desire.

Contrary to popular belief, studying for the IELTS exam is not easy. It requires a significant amount of time and effort to achieve the desired result. Let us guide you from the beginning with our exclusive IELTS online preparation courses and counseling services.

Remember to set realistic goals, stay motivated, and seek help when needed.

Best of luck!

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