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The United Kingdom boasts a robust and varied economy, which is ranked as the 5th greatest economy in the world. It's also a desirable place for scholars around the world, which offers countless options for higher education in the form of a large number of prestigious universities. Not to mention the fact that tuition fees are much less for students outside of the country as compared to nations like the US. The UK's rich and vibrant culture attracts a large number of international students, solidifying its esteemed position as a desirable educational hotspot.

Popular Universities to Study in UK

Popular Places to Study in UK

Why Study in UK

The UK has some of the highest academic standards among all the countries in the world. Priority is given to skill based educational programs that encourage critical thinking and problem solving. And that's not all -

Academic Satisfaction

Over 150+ institutions in the UK have academic courses that are ranked globally. It houses prestigious universities like University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge, and is popular for its high practical knowledge.

Superior Life Quality

Great destinations to explore, high wages to live a better life - The UK offers a lot of options to improve your quality of life as you live and study there.

Scope of Growth

The best universities in the UK have over 90% employability rate after graduation. On top of that you're allowed to work 20 hours a week as a student to earn money and pay for your living and education expenses.

Cultural Diversity

With a place as big as the UK having people from all around the world is a given, but the government there also supports international students by letting them stay for 2 extra years after graduation and work towards improving their careers.

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Tests Required to Study in UK

Trusted by over 11,000 institutions worldwide, IELTS is the most popular English proficiency test in the world. 

Anyone who hopes to migrate or study abroad needs to take an IELTS test with different institutions having different minimum band score requirements. 

Prestigious universities like Harvard require a 7+ band score to get in.

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Much like IELTS, the Test of English as a Foreign Language or TOEFL is trusted by over 11,000 institutions worldwide. 

TOEFL tests can be taken both offline and online. 

Different institutions have different minimum TOEFL score requirements, but a score between 70-95 is considered desirable. 

PTE (Pearson Test of English) isn’t as popular as the TOEFL or IELTS, but it’s still worth taking, as it’s trusted by over 6,000 institutions worldwide. 

Again, different institutions have different PTE score requirements, but a minimum of 54 marks is necessary to pass the test. 

The registration process of PTE is simpler as compared to other tests and results are usually presented in 48 hours. 

Popular Places to Study in UK

Popular Universities to Study in UK

University of Warwick

  • Research-based activities are popular here. 
  • QS World University Rankings 2023 ranks it at #64. 
  • Offers 50+ courses and subject areas.

University of Cambridge

  • QS World University Rankings 2023 ranks it at #2
  • Graduate Employability Ranking: #8
  • 25% International student population

Imperial College London

  • One of the top 10 universities in the World
  • 40% International student population 
  • QS Global World Ranking 2023 ranks it on #6

King’s College London

  • Ranked #35 Among the top universities in UK
  • Over 28,500 Students 
  • Scholarships provided up to 100,000 GBP. 

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