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Your personalised study abroad journey for

  • 16 Jun, 24

    Talk to our consultants and get all your questions answered and doubts resolved. Enrol today to begin your journey overseas towards a brighter future.

  • 19 Jun, 24

    Find the Right University for you in your country of choice. Out of 580+ Universities in four countries you can rest assured that finding the Right University will be an easy task.

  • 22 Jun, 24

    Prepare for and pass English proficiency tests like IELTS based on where you want to travel to. With Expert Coaches, Mock Tests and a 90%+ Acceptance Rate, RightTurnOverseas IELTS will have you speaking English like a Native in less than 4 weeks.

  • 26 Jun, 24

    Get personalized university recommendations based on your budget, desired country, and courses out of over 40K+ options. Or if you've already chosen one, we can make that happen as well.

  • 29 Jun, 24

    Get your Statement of Purpose and Letter of Recommendations in order to secure your position in the college you choose. We'll help you create the best SOP possible for you.

  • 2 Jul, 24

    Apply for the top colleges you choose out of the thousands of options we provide and breeze through the application process with our help. From the beginning until you're enrolled in the college itself, we'll be there for you at every step of the way.

  • 5 Jul, 24

    Compile responses from the college(s) you applied to and finalise your decision of which college you want to enrol in if you got multiple positive responses.

  • 8 Jul, 24

    Secure funds for your abroad journey by getting an education loan from our partners or by applying for recommended scholarships in the most popular universities.

  • 11 Jul, 24

    Compile documents and prepare for visa tests with us while you apply for a Visa interview. We prepare you for the real deal with rigorous mock tests and document reviews.

  • 16 Jul, 24

    Finally reap all the fruits of your hardwork and receive your Visa - And get ready to fulfill your dream of studying abroad by taking The Right Turn Overseas.


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